Onomatopoeia are words that suggest or resemble sounds. In simpler terms, they are sound effects. You see them in comic books where things go ‘Wham’, ‘Bam’, and ‘Smash’. Most likely you’ve learned some of them at a young age like how cows go ‘moo’ and cats go ‘meow’. They’re the … Continue reading »

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Very nice idea.

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The demand for creativity from employees is rising in this age of rapid technological advancement. This is evident when we see multinational companies like Google setting up something known as a the 20 percent program or policy where Google developers get to spend 20 percent of their working hours (a … Continue reading »

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As technical director of 1 World Trade Center, SOM’s Nicole Dosso is the most famous architect you’ve never heard of.

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The golden rule of design. Who knew?

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This video was created in 2006 by partners+napier, Rochester for Kodak when CEO Antonio Perez was invited to the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital Con…

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This gets very good midway through. Truly worth waiting for it. Ironic though. 

Everyone has a creative sweet spot—a time during the day when you’re just better than your normal self. Studies show this! So the question is, when is yours? Let’s find out.

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Now, if I could only work during creative peak times and play during the other times… Life would be simple. 

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The headline hooked me. You must read about the egg. 


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