This video was created in 2006 by partners+napier, Rochester for Kodak when CEO Antonio Perez was invited to the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital Con…


This gets very good midway through. Truly worth waiting for it. Ironic though. 

Everyone has a creative sweet spot—a time during the day when you’re just better than your normal self. Studies show this! So the question is, when is yours? Let’s find out.


Now, if I could only work during creative peak times and play during the other times… Life would be simple. 


The headline hooked me. You must read about the egg. 

These are perfect examples of how to say a lot while saying very little.


These are so nice. No, they are brilliant. 

Costa, makers of the clearest & raddest fishing sunglasses on the planet, asked us to tell the amazing story of their work in Guyana. The sport fishing industry…


Very nice animation and story. Truly worth a view. Now I want to check out their sunglasses. 

The next time you find yourself alone in an airport, take a page out of Richard Dunn’s book and channel your inner Celine Dion.

Dunn, stuck overnight at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, rejected the standard time-wasting techniques of re…


Now this was excellent. Well done and fun. Read how he put this together.

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Faster than Light — Warp Drive — Is it possible to travel faster than light? NASA’s Advanced Propulsion Lead, Dr. Harold White, has modified a previously u…

Paul Hebron‘s insight:

Freaking amazing. Also scary. 

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